Recycling Compaq Laptop Batteries

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While a pile of old computer equipment might appear unsightly, the most frightening aspect of that pile has nothing to do with its appearance. The batteries in any of the laptop computers contain a dangerous substance. They contain cadmium. Cadmium is not the sort of chemical that should be seeping into the soil. That fact underlines the importance of the emerging recycling programs. Still, there are far too people who are aware of such programs. The following article about recycling Compaq laptop batteries hopes to fill the void in the published and posted information about recycled laptop batteries.

Compaq Laptop Batteries

Laptop computers run on the energy from dry cell batteries. Compaq batteries can be recycled. The recycling of Compaq laptop batteries passes through its initial phase at a Recycled Battery Recovery Center (RBRC).

If you have some laptop batteries that you would like to see recycled, you can take them to an RBRC. Do not, however, walk into such a Center carrying an automobile battery. Any sort of wet cell battery must go to an automobile battery retailer, or to a service shop, if it is supposed to be recycled.

Do not try taking a group of alkaline batteries into an RBRC. Alkaline batteries can not be recycled. A recycling center would not have a place for the storage of alkaline batteries. A recycling center has set aside space for storage of the following batteries.

Nickel cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd) can undergo recycling at a recycling center. If you take the time to carry some Ni-Cd batteries to a recycling center then you are helping to save the environment. Cadmium is a poisonous substance. A Ni-Cd battery needs to be recycled, and should not be disposed of.

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Camcorder Batteries – Prevent Your Recordings from being Cut Short

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Few things in life are more annoying than seeing the alarming “low battery” light right at the point that you are capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment of a friend or family member.  Once this light blinks to life, you must have a spare battery on hand and install it quickly before the camcorder turns itself off.  If this does not disrupt the special moment you are recording, little else will.  What you need more than anything is to invest in camcorder batteries that have long life spans.  Also, be sure to plan ahead, charging it fully before the event occurs that you wish you capture on film.

Camcorder Ni-Mh Battery

Lithium-ion camcorder batteries are the portable energy source of choice because they are lightweight, recharge quickly and have the longest lifespan when compared to older kinds of batteries.  In as little as ten minutes, you could have battery life to last a few hours of recording.  Lithium-ion batteries are also less susceptible to the memory effect where batteries “forget” how much power they can really hold.

Sony Camcorder Battery

Be sure that you take good care of your camcorder batteries to help them last as long as possible.  This includes keeping them out of the sun and heat along with avoiding cold temperatures and moisture.

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Laptop Battery Troubleshooting

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If you are having trouble with your laptop battery because it will not charge, it is not necessarily time to buy a new battery yet. There are several reasons behind why this could be happening, and here you will learn useful laptop battery troubleshooting when you battery refuses to charge. Before you begin troubleshooting your notebook computer, make sure the outlet is not the problem. Try a few outlets to see if the problem still exists. If so, continue on to these laptop battery troubleshooting tips.

Gateway Replacement Battery

Is the AC adapter bad? Detach the battery from the laptop and turn on the computer with only the power plug connected. If the laptop does not respond, secure another AC adapter and try again. If the problem persists, your motherboard may have a fried circuit. A computer technician can help you further.

Is the battery defective? If the computer turns on with the second AC adaptor, you know this is not the cause of the problem. Replace the battery and see if the problem is resolved.

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Asus Battery Chargers

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If you are in the market for Asus battery chargers there are a number of things you can do to find them. The first step you want to take is to make sure you know what you are looking for. Knowing your machine is the key to keeping your shopping experience pleasurable and ensures that it goes along smoothly. You will want to set a budget for yourself so that you know what you are working with. Decide if you want to find the battery charger local to you at a retailer or if you want to explore your options on the internet.

Asus EEE PC Battery Charger

The local retailers may not have the Asus battery chargers that you need in stock. If this is the case you will want to ask them if they can order it and how long it might take to get the item in. These chargers can run anywhere from $24 to $40 depending on the model you need for your computer. Choosing to purchase it locally could work in your favor if the retailer is having a sale on the item. Additionally, by purchasing locally you can avoid shipping charges. If however, you have trouble finding the item you need or do not live in an area that the retailer is nearby, you may wish to try searching online for the item.

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Gateway Replacement Batteries

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Each portable computer produced by Gateway manufacturers contains an “intelligent battery pack.” The manufacturers have placed an eight cell lithium battery inside of that pack. While each portable Gateway computer comes with a rechargeable battery, no rechargeable battery can last “forever.” That fact explains why the owner of a portable Gateway must periodically study the available information on Gateway replacement batteries.

Replacement Gateway Battery

Whenever the owner of a Gateway portable battery needs a replacement battery, he or she must study any posted specifications on the available battery packs. There is more than one website that includes such battery packs among its inventory of computer parts. A wise computer owner seeks out a website that promises to honor each order by shipping a fully charged and tested battery – a battery that guarantees satisfactory performance by a charged up portable computer.

Gateway Replacement Battery

Now, whenever someone searches for a Gateway replacement battery, he or she must remember the various names used for the device in which that replacement battery will eventually be placed. Some people call the portable computer a laptop or lap top computer; some call it a notebook, or a note book. Regardless of the name used for any Gateway portable computer, that device could one day need a replacement battery.

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What Makes HP Pavilion dv6700t a Consumer Laptop?

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The HP’s newest 15.4” consumer notebook presenting the cutting edge design and performance in a portable package is none other than the HP Pavilion dv6700t. Available with the LightScribe optical drive and nVidia dedicated graphics, and a stylish yet tough design with the Intel Core 2 Duo processors with Intel T5450 1.66 GHz Core 2 Duo up to the T7500 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo, the dv6700t seems to be the one of the best 15 inch notebooks on the market. This 15.4” screen offers a 1280×800 WXGA glossy display. The HP Pavilion has a complete different look of the “clay” making it totally different from other notebook in the market.

HP Pavilion dv6700t Photo

HP Pavilion dv6700t is built up with the Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) and the processor Intel Core 2 Duo processor uses the T5450 1.66 GHz and the 2MB L2Cache with 667MHz FSB. The screen resolution of this notebook is with 15.4” WXGA which is made of high-definition HP BrightView technology of Widescreen Display with the screen resolution to be at 1280 x 800.

The storage capacity of the HP Pavilion dv6700t is standard made with 3GB DDR2 System Memory and additionally it is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 256MB dedicated memory. The most attractive and impressive note about the dv6700t is that its massive look with the H Imprint (Clay) Finish. It has a very life when considering the battery life; the battery of the dv6700t is made of 12-Cell Lithium Ion Battery.

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Finding Value in Replacement Laptop Batteries

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One of the great advantages of using a laptop computer is its ability to operate it in a portable manner. This is achieved by the use of a battery as its power source. However, most users take the battery for granted and are unaware that it will eventually fail.

Laptop Battery Acer TravelMate

Laptop Battery Acer TravelMate

Most laptops today are powered by Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. These are a great alternative to the older technologies since they have a much higher power to weight ratio, are not prone to the memory effect phenomenon and are inherently more environmentally friendly. However, much like the older battery chemistries, they do have a limited lifetime. Although the older chemistries rates of failure were proportional to the number of charging cycles, the capacity of today’s Lithium-ion batteries diminish with age.

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The long life of the laptop computer batteries

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You have the excellent expensive laptop! It’s great! But at the responsible moment it is out. That’s a real life! Everything’s happened! Laptop can’t work for a long time after one charge of battery not even of modern technologies in area of production of batteries.


Maximally effectively using of an accessible energy is a decision of this problem. What rules you must follow by using the battery to prolong its work. Buying your laptop it is necessary to charge the battery fully and after that you have to discharge it completely. Charging and discharging it 3-4 times you may use it to get the best results.

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Laptop Battery Tests

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Laptop battery have a relatively short service life and are really expensive to replace. There is almost no remedy to restore the capacity of the battery one it is worn out.

HP/COMPAQ 360483-004 Battery

Though the actual life of a laptop battery depends on the usage habit of the laptop computer, most of the laptop users often complain that their laptop batteries no longer hold the charge and that they wanted a new one.  Testing laptop battery life will help you in determining the expected life of the battery, so that you can avoid unexpected battery problem while using your laptop. You can also estimate the date for ordering a new battery.

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Tips & Advice For iPhone Battery Care

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Retaining the quality of your iPhone battery will save you a fair amount of money in the long run, so I would like to take a moment and offer some tips and advice on iPhone battery care and how you can optimize the life and charge of your battery to enable you to keep that cash in your pocket for as long as possible.

iPhone Battery

So the first thing to mention for iPhone battery care would be a proper charge cycle, a correctly maintained iPhone battery can retain up to 80% of it´s full capacity for 400 full charge and discharge cycles, therefore it is important to not overcharge, or undercharge the battery whenever possible. Allowing your iPhone´s battery to run completely flat once in a while is great, but at other times allow it to run as low as possible before charging it again, and when you do charge try to achieve the maximum charge replacing full life back into the battery.

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